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QuickWrite 5 (English) 5.00

QuickWrite 5 (English) 5.00

QuickWrite 5 (English) Publisher's Description

Enhance the text input! QuickWrite has a bunch of innovative features, which make your text entry and editing faster, easier and more accurate. Based on the selected spelling dictionary, the program predicts the desired word as you are typing. QuickWrite can be started from almost any other application on your Palm SmartPhone or PDA. QuickWrite is also an intelligent replacement for the standard Palm keyboard, designed to enhance the text entry.

Faster and Smarter! Special choice of 4 main keyboard types and all the specific keyboard layouts, according to a certain language:
  • Standard - so similar to the one on your Palm;
  • Qwerty69 - a handy layout with numbers and letters;
  • Character Map - presents symbols and their ASCII code in the octal, decimal and hexadecimal number systems;
  • Ability to activate the program through command bar, abc or 123 graffiti corners or Find button, depending on your preferences;
  • Spelling dictionaries sorted by frequently of use to speed up your text entry - QuickWrite suggests the words that you use most first;
  • A superb compression algorithm allowing fast search in a low space;
  • Multiple spelling dictionaries to choose from;
  • Customizable spelling dictionaries - you can add and delete words;
  • Spelling dictionaries arranged ascending/descending and sorted by frequency, by alphabetical order and by word length;
  • Automatic search for installed dictionary databases;
  • Ability to store the spelling dictionaries on MMC, memory stick and SD cards
  • Localized versions in 6 languages QuickWrite is available in 6 different languages:

    Spelling Dictionaries QuickWrite for each language version - English, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish and French- comes with 3 spelling dictionaries. Differing in the size and number of included words, the dictionaries are designed to meet the requirements of every user:
    • Ample Dictionary - This dictionary includes most frequently used words and forms, together with plurals, past tenses, etc. About 40,000 words.
    • Extended Dictionary - More complex dictionary, which will meet the advanced needs of a customer. Contains about 100,000 words.
    • Gold Dictionary - This is the most complete spelling dictionary database. It has everything you need and you can be sure that there will hardly be a word that is not included. The Gold vocabulary contain abbreviations, medical, technical and other terms, latin forms, informal speech. Contains about 180,000 words.
    Each spelling dictionary for QuickWrite is also compatible with Mobile Systems' programs QuickSpell, QuickCheck, TextComplete, and MobiSystems Docs.

    Previous owners of Quick Write and Quick Write Professional upgrade to QuickWrite 5 for just $9.95. Contact our support team at

    Update description:
    2.30 (6/18/02)Update to remove the restrictions on program features through the Hack. Additional Dutch language.
    3.00 (10/23/02) Improved vocabularies databases management.
    3.50 (12/20/02) Palm OS 5 Compatible.
    3.55 (01/15/03) - Sony Clie NX70V compatible
    3.60 (01/29/03)- Bug fixes
    v.4.00 (07/27/03) - Added own internal version of HackMaster for Palm OS 5. Improved compatibility with other famous document related products.
    4.50 (01/12/04)- Ability to activate the program through the command bar, support for Palm Tungsten T3 devices and 480x320 hi-res landscape mode
    5.00 (05/05/05)- Ability to select the word confirmation delimiter; support of the 5-way navigator in tungsten devices; Tungsten T5, E2 and Treo 650 enhanced

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